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"Every child deserves the best teacher and every teache deserves to be the best"


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"These sedra pictures are beautiful and have enhanced the class sedra lesson of mine and many colleagues here at Broughton Jewish Primary School in Manchester, England. Wishing you much hatzlocha in your avodas hakodesh."

- Meir Gittleson, Broughton Jewish Primary School, Manchester, England


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"Awesome! – this place has ‘recharged’ my ‘educational battery’ תודה רבה חג שמח"

- Judy Bailund-Witty, K-8 Hebrew/Judaic Resource Teacher, San Diego


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"The Walder Education Pavilion is a treasure. The staff is exceptionally helpful as well as creative. They also keep the students’ benefit in mind during every aspect of a project. They confer with each other to enhance each teacher’s and student’s experience. The materials at the Pavilion are vast and imaginative. As a teacher, the Walder Education Pavilion exceeds all expectations."

- Lora Frazin, Cong. B’nai Torah


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Walder Education is temporarily located at 5665 N. Jersey, Chicago. To make an appointment or contact us,
call 847.674.0800 or email us at teacherscenter@waldereducation.org


Unless noted otherwise on the calendar below, our normal school year hours are:

Sunday 10am-2pm   |   Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 10am-4pm   |   Wednesday 7-9pm

July and August hours are:

Sunday Closed   |   Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 10am-4pm   |   Wednesday 5-9pm


Quick Tip: What’s Your Teaching Style?
Teaching styles are instructional and classroom management strategies. According to Anthony Grasha, in his book, A Matter of Style, “Style … affected how people presented information, interacted with students, managed classroom tasks...” 
Authority: teacher-centered, direct instruction, lecture. The teacher presents content for students to absorb. The teacher is active, the students are passive.
Demonstrator/Modeling: teacher-centered, direct instruction. The teacher acts as coach, modeling lessons, showing demonstrations and multimedia presentations.
Facilitator: student-centered. The teacher acts as facilitator, consultant, actively guiding students by asking leading questions, encouraging student exploration, offering alternatives, motivating students to higher-level thinking and problem-solving. This can be used in whole class lessons, group or individual work. 
Delegator: student-centered, the least active role for teachers. Students work independent of teachers, individually or in groups. The teacher is an observer and resource person. 
Although teachers may lean toward a particular style, many employ a combination of styles depending on their personalities and comfort level, the learning needs of their students, and the subject and goals of the particular lesson. To be the most effective teacher, be cognizant of the teaching styles you employ.