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"Every child deserves the best teacher and every teache deserves to be the best"


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"As I said last time I was in the Pavilion, you are changing the face of education in Chicago! Overall, our school is adorned with the talented creations of the Walder Educational Pavilion and it is really appreciated. Tizku L’Mitzvos!"

- Rabbi Menachem Kirshner, Assistant Principal – Hebrew Department, Arie Crown Hebrew Day School


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"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, is all I can say for all that you did for me this past Tuesday and Wednesday! I had such an enjoyable experience during all the hours I spent by your place. You gave me the attention, professional talent and most of all the extreme time leeway that I really needed, all with a smile and lots of patients! I really appreciate it."

- E. Keller, Bnos Bracha, Lakewood, NJ


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Walder Education is temporarily located at 5665 N. Jersey, Chicago.

To make an appointment or contact us, call 847.674.0800 or email us at teacherscenter@waldereducation.org

Unless noted otherwise on the calendar below, our normal school year hours are:

Sunday 10am-2pm   |   Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 10am-4pm   |   Wednesday 7-9pm

Unless noted otherwise on the calendar below, our July and August hours are:

Sunday Closed   |   Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 10am-4pm   |   Wednesday 5-9pm


Quick Tip: Summer Reading Suggestions
Our summer reading suggestions are back with more intriguing books to help educators grow professionally. Get inspired to make the most positive impact on your students’ learning!
Here is our list for 2018:
  • How Children Succeed: What Works and Why, by Paul Tough 
  • Teaching for Understanding, by Tina Blythe and Associates 
  • Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children from Birth Through Age 8 Third Edition, by Carol Copple, Sue Bredekamp 
  • How to Differentiate Instruction in Academically Diverse Classrooms, 3rd Edition, by Carol Ann Tomlinson 
  • Handbook of Social and Emotional Learning: Research and Practice, by Joseph A. Durlak, Celene E. Domitrovich, Roger P. Weissberg, Thomas P. Gillotta 
  • Teaching With Intention: Defining Beliefs, Aligning Practice, Taking Action, K-5, by Debbie Miller 
  • Big Questions for Young Minds: Extending Children’s Thinking, by Janis Strasser, Lisa Mufson Bresson 
  • Classroom Instruction That Works: Research-Based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement, 2nd Edition, by Ceri B. Dean, Elizabeth Ross Hubbell, Howard Pitler, Bj Stone 
  • Teach Like a Champion 2.0, by Doug Lemov