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Walder Education Online Teachers' Resource Center

"Every child deserves the best teacher and every teache deserves to be the best"


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"The Walder Education Pavilion of Torah Umesorah is an unbelievable asset to the chinuch of Jewish children. Its comprehensive treatment of all aspects of education, beneficial and necessary to the success of learning growth, makes it an almost indispensable tool in the process of helping our children absorb the knowledge and values of Torah. The chinuch community owes a deep debt of gratitude to Dr. Walder and the Pavilion’s director, Mrs. Garelick"

- Rabbi Yaakov Perlow, Novominsker Rebbe


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"I want you to know how much I enjoyed my recent visit to your center. I had great pleasure viewing all of the different educational displays that enable your teachers to educate Am Yisrael’s young generation – our future – and give over vital pedagogical and didactic concepts to them as a nation."

- Rabbi Yeshayahu Lieberman, Director General Mercaz Beth Jacob in Eretz Yisrael


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What's New

Our monthly calendar features a large range of events, classes and seminars, from incorporating educational apps into the classroom, creating interactive lessons, to Holocaust Education Teacher Training or Explorations in the Arts Workshops, many of which are free. If you have a request for a particular class, workshop or event, please let us know.

Walder Education is temporarily located at 5665 N. Jersey, Chicago.

If you want to make an appointment or speak to a Walder staff member, please call 847.674.0800 or email us at teacherscenter@waldereducation.org.


Quick Tip: Summer Reading Suggestions 

Summer is here! What better way to relax and revitalize yourself and your teaching than to read great books with fresh ideas? Grow professionally and get inspired to make the most positive impact on your students’ learning.


Here is a list of 10 must-reads:

  • Mindset: the New Psychology of Success, Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D.
  • The End of Molasses Classes: Getting Our Kids Unstuck, Ron Clark
  • The First Days of School: How to Be an Effective Teacher, 4th Ed., Harry and Rosemary Wong
  • Understanding by Design, 2nd Ed, Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe
  • Out of Our Minds:Learning to be Creative, Ken Robinson
  • Choice Words: How Our Language Affects Children’s Learning, Peter Johnston
  • Five Minds for the Future, Howard Gardner
  • Disrupting Class, Expanded Edition: How Disruption Will Change the Way the World Learns, Clayton Christensen
  • Teaching STEM in the Early Years, Sally Moomaw
  • Discipline with Dignity: New Challenges, New Solutions, 3rd Ed., Richard L. Curwin, Allen N. Mendler and Brian D. Mendler