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"Every child deserves the best teacher and every teache deserves to be the best"


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"I would like to express how deeply impressed I was by my visit to the Walder Education Pavilion. It was thrilling to see the resources and educational material showcased in each room… It is impossible to estimate the tremendous impact that teachers gain from the center. It contains curricular resources for so many subjects- all beautiful in appearance, well thought out, and very useful…"

- Rabbi Yitzchak Ezrachi, Mirrer Yeshiva Jerusalem


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"I want you to know how much I enjoyed my recent visit to your center. I had great pleasure viewing all of the different educational displays that enable your teachers to educate Am Yisrael’s young generation – our future – and give over vital pedagogical and didactic concepts to them as a nation."

- Rabbi Yeshayahu Lieberman, Director General Mercaz Beth Jacob in Eretz Yisrael


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Harav Reuven Feinstein
Oct 17, 2018 04:51 PM

Torah Umesorah Shabbos Chizuk 5779/1918

Melave Malka for Rebbeim featuring Harav Rabbi Reuven Feinstein, Rabbi Klein, Rabbi Nojowitz, and Rabbi Landau, Topics included involving parents in their children's Chinuch. Some Yiddish language was used. (42 minutes)

Rabbi Walters
Aug 28, 2018 01:54 PM

The Power of “I Don’t Know”

The importance of discussing the unknown and ideas for how to encourage curiosity, questions, and the exploration of the unknown in the classroom.

Rabbi Rubinfeld
Rabbi Rubinfeld
Jul 12, 2018 12:13 PM

Parshas Matos-Masei

והייתם נקיים מה' ומישראל | ל'ב כ'ב “Then you shall be vindicated from HaShem and Yisroel” Moshe Rabbeinu exhorted the tribes of Gad and Reuven to honor their word and lead the nation in battle against the inhabitants of Eretz Yisroel...

Rabbi Rubinfeld
Jun 24, 2018 11:18 AM

Parsha Pinchas

פרשת פנחס לכן אמור הנני נותן לו את בריתי שלום כ'ה | י'ב “Therefore, I declare” Behold!! I bestow upon him my convent of peace” A prevalent misconception exists, that peace is the antithesis of truth and in order to create harmony one must distort the truth.

Rabbi Rubinfeld
Rabbi Rubinfeld
Jun 24, 2018 09:12 AM

Parshas Balak

פרשת בלק מה טובו אהליך יעקב משכנותך ישראל כ'ד| ה “How goodly are your tents, Yaakov, your dwelling places, Yisroel” What prompted Bilam to bless the tents of Yaakov?

Rabbi Rubinfeld
Rabbi Rubinfeld
Jun 18, 2018 09:10 AM

Parshas Chukas

פרשת חקת ולקח הכהן עץ ארז ואזוב | י'ט - ו “The Cohen should take cedar, wood and hyssop” Although Moshe Rabbeinu was praised for being humble and Chazal emphasize the importance of being humble...​

Rabbi Rubinfeld
Rabbi Rubinfeld
Jun 10, 2018 10:47 AM

Parshas Korach

פרשת קרח כי כל העדה כלם קדושים | ט'ז – ג “The entire nation is holy” Korachs argument against Moshe Rabbeinu’s authority was based on his claim that the entire nation knew the Torah, thus making Moshe’s office redundant.

Rabbi Rubinfeld
Rabbi Rubinfeld
Jun 05, 2018 08:45 AM

Parshas Shlach

פרשת שלח ולא תתורו אחרי לבבכם ואחרי עינכם | ט'ו – ל'ט “You shall not explore after your heart and after your eyes.”

Rabbi Rubinfeld
Rabbi Rubinfeld
May 16, 2018 03:23 PM

Parshas Bamidbar

פרשת במדבר וידבר ה' אל משה במדבר סיני באהל מועד באחד החודש השני השנית לצאתם מארץ מצרים | א', א' HaShem spoke to Moshe in the Midbar of Sinai, in the tent of Meeting, on the first of the second month, in the second year after the Golas of Mitzrayim, saying...

Rabbi Rubinfeld
Rabbi Rubinfeld
May 06, 2018 09:22 AM

Rarshas Behar-Bechukosai

פרשת בהר – בחקותי לא תונו איש את עמיתו ויראת מאלקיך | כ"ה, י"ז Do not harass one another, and you shall have fear of your G-d...

Results: 98 Articles found.