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Public Speaking for Rebbeim with Rabbi Henoch Plotnik

Rebbeim need many skills to be successful. They are often called upon to speak at assemblies and celebrations both in and out of school. The way Rebbeim present when they speak contributes greatly to the public’s perception of their professionalism. Rabbi Plotnik is a dynamic speaker who is much sought after for his content and presentation. He will share the essential points of effective public speaking in this session.

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Rabbi Plotnik is a talmid of the yeshivos of Philadelphia and Ponovezh. He joined the Chicago Community Kollel in 1985 and has since been active in Rabbonus and Chinuch for over 25 years. He currently acts as a R”M of Yeshivas Kesser Yonah-Chicago as well as a Rabbinical advisor for Aneinu Women’s Tehillim organization.

Rabbi Plotnik is a Rabbi for both Shloimie’s Club and the incredible LINKS organization, both of which provide services for yesomim. Aside from regularly speaking at conventions and Shabbatonim, he writes periodically for various publications on halachic and hashkafic topics. 




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