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Glossary of Terms

In order to provide you with the best resources, the Walder Education search engine works hard to locate the most relevant materials. Here are some tips to help you with your search.
  • Be specific – the more words you use, the better the material will fit your need.
  • Don’t worry about spelling – transliterating Hebrew words can be difficult, but we programed our search with spellings to account for differing pronunciations.
  • Ignore special characters – don’t worry about commas, quotation marks, dashes and apostrophes.
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Aseres Yemei Teshuvah - 10 Days of Repentance

Brachos - Blessings

Chumash - Study of the Five Books of Moses in depth

Dikduk - Hebrew Grammar

Gemara - Oral Law,  elucidation of the Mishnah, approx.  500CE

Halachah - Laws

Hashkafah - Philosophy

Keriah - Hebrew Reading

Kesivah - Hebrew Handwriting

Kesuvim - Book of Writings

Lashon Hakodesh - Biblical Hebrew

Midos - Character Traits

Minhag - Customs

Mishnah - Oral Law, compiled approx. 200CE

Musar - Character Improvement

Neviyim - Book of Prophets

Parshah - Portion of the Week

Rosh Chodesh - New Month

Siddur - Prayer Book

Talmud - Major Work of the Oral Law

Tanach - Hebrew Scripture

Tefillah - Prayer

Torah - Five Books of Moses

Yahadus - Timely Jewish Topics

Yahrtzeit - Anniversary of a Death

Yamim Noraim - High Holidays/Days of Awe

Yedios Klaliyos - General  Jewish Knowledge