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"Every child deserves the best teacher and every teache deserves to be the best"



"I want you to know how much I enjoyed my recent visit to your center. I had great pleasure viewing all of the different educational displays that enable your teachers to educate Am Yisrael’s young generation – our future – and give over vital pedagogical and didactic concepts to them as a nation."

- Rabbi Yeshayahu Lieberman, Director General Mercaz Beth Jacob in Eretz Yisrael


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"This donation is made in honor of the teachers at North Shore Congregation Israel as their Chanukah gift from the staff. You were selected as one of five organizations that our staff benefits from that represent Jewish educational excellence. Thank you for the fine work that you do on behalf of our teachers, staff, congregation and the entire Jewish community."

- Dr. Roberta Louis Goodman, -Judy Weiss, -Patty Mason, -Jenya Edelberg, North Shore Cong. Israel


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When you help us, you help all Jewish Children!

Walder Education supports ALL Jewish schools, home schools and teachers (regardless of affiliation) by providing them with the best educational resources and materials. All our materials are available free of charge!

When you donate to Walder Education, you donate to all the Jewish schools in your community, regardless of where you live throughout the world. Over 250 Jewish schools and educational institutions have been serviced personally at our Center in Chicago. Over 20,000 educators from over 108 countries use our material. We supply materials to educators from all corners of the world, Australia to Russia and Alaska to Argentina.

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For naming and endowment opportunities or to make a contribution, please contact Mrs. Rouhama Garelick, Director.

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ATT Frankel Creative Studio, endowed by the Charles Feldman Frankel family 

The ATT Frankel Creative Studio is proud to be named in memory of Charles Feldman Frankel, z“l, a man who was passionate in his belief that all Jewish children deserve a quality Jewish Day School education, and made sure, with his devoted wife, Sharon, to send their children to both Jewish Day Schools and Jewish High Schools, giving them a strong Jewish education. The tradition continues as their grandchildren attend Jewish day schools. After his passing in 1997, Sharon and their beautiful family determined that naming the studio after him would be an appropriate tribute to their beloved husband, father and grandfather.

Ruth Garelick-Renov Early Childhood Department, endowed by the Abrams,  Garelick, Gross, and Renov families

Mrs. Ruth Garelick-Renov, z“l was born and raised in Chicago. Widowed at an early age, Mrs. Garelick-Renov raised her children as she worked as an early childhood educator at Akiba Jewish Day School, the predecessor to Akiba Schechter. After she remarried to Rabbi Renov, Mrs. Garelick-Renov ran preschools in every city in which her husband officiated as rabbi. She was a devoted mother to all her children and was a fervent advocate of Jewish education for them and all Jewish children. She believed that the best quality Jewish education brought empowerment. We are thankful that her children, the Abrams Family, the Garelick Family, the Gross Family and the Renov family felt that dedicating the Early Childhood Department of Walder Education in her memory was the most appropriate memorial.

The Dworkin Educational Center, endowed by Allan Dworkin, z“l 

Our dear friend Allan Dworkin, z“l was the former CEO in his real estate company. He was an ardent supporter of Israel, Holocaust education, and the Jewish People. He was affiliated with many organizations, among which Walder Education was very fortunate and proud to be counted. His beloved wife, Annette is a secular studies teacher and librarian at Arie Crown Hebrew Day School. Allan was very proud of his three children and six grandchildren.

The Brown’s Children Center, endowed by Marc and Lauren Brown and family 

Mr. Marc Brown, President of National Building Resources, has over 20 years experience in the facility and real estate service industry. Mr. Brown has been a member of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) since 1989. Marc sits on the board of directors and committees of many government and non-profit organizations. He endowed the Brown’s Children Center of Walder Education. This center provides teachers with the opportunity to have their children cared for while they participate in continuing education classes, as well as offers a variety of children’s activities and classes.

Some of Our Partners: 

Walder Education has always been proud to enjoy relationships with other distinguished organizations which contribute so much to the Jewish community and the world-at-large. We invite you to click on the links of these very worthy institutions.