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Walder Education Online Teachers' Resource Center

"Every child deserves the best teacher and every teache deserves to be the best"



"I really wanted thank you and everyone at the Walder Education Pavilion for the classes and inspiration throughout the summer. The Walder Education Pavilion is every teacher’s dream/candy store."

- Yosepha Krohn, Joan Dachs Bais Yaakov


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"I had the pleasure of attending the Idea Exchange Workshop on Building a Navi Curriculum. It was time very well spent. The discussion allowed us all to learn practical, hands-on ideas to enhance our teaching. I am teaching Tehillim for the second time and still groping for a style and format to work from. This workshop was what I was looking for. Thank you for opening your doors and offering innovative and worthwhile programs. Continued hatzlacha in your avodas hakodesh."

- Miriam Jaffe, Ida Crown Jewish Academy


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Our Departments

Our 12 departments are:

ATT Charles Feldman Frankel Creative Studio

Hands-on studio where artistic vision and creative energy combine to enable teachers to create exciting and innovative educational aids that enhance and stimulate classroom teaching.


Ruth Garelick-Renov Early Childhood Department

Everything a preschool through second grade teacher or department head could want with original and creative exhibits! All curricula support a classroom environment that promotes a solid foundation for growth and development.


Reference and Curricular Libraries

A wealth of resource materials from around the world help teachers create curricula from research to completed lesson plans. The Reference Library features the Curricular Library, Judaic Library, Multi-Media Center, Secular Library, and Journals and Publications Collection.


Brown’s Children Center

Provides teachers with activities for their children in a beautiful environment, while they attend classes or work on classroom projects. Through a generous grant, piano lessons are available for a modest fee.


Dworkin Education Center

A spacious and beautifully decorated Lecture Hall where teachers assemble to gain knowledge and skills from highly-acclaimed instructors. School faculty, board, and PTA meetings are held here on a regular basis.


Computer Department

State-of-the-art computer lab featuring top-of-the-line computers, cutting edge equipment, the newest word processing and graphic design software. All on-going free classes and one-on-one tutoring, ranging from computer basics to graphic arts, promote and enhance classroom teaching.


The Center for Cognitive Development

In conjunction with the Feuerstein Institute of Israel, the Center implements Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment in day schools, provides professional training to school administrators and teachers, offers parental educational support, and provides remediation and enrichment to students.

Department of Professional Development

Educators enjoy opportunities for professional enrichment and growth through a variety of classes, seminars, workshops, in-services, mentoring, and FIE training.

Dworkin Holocaust Educational Center

Educational Holocaust resources and teaching aids, including curricula, videos, books, maps, timelines, classroom displays, etc., are provided to schools on a lending basis. Teacher training in Holocaust studies are also offered.

Special Education Department

A dynamic special education library with specially prepared curricula, reference books and other print materials, ground-breaking DVDs, manipulatives, learning centers, projects, and hands-on tools encompassing the needs of children across the spectrum. Workshops and seminars are offered throughout the year.

Handout Display

A rich assortment of supplementary and mini-curricula to enhance teaching of current interest topics such as Parsha of the Week and Yomim Tovim. Hundreds of innovative educational Handouts get rotated monthly.

Educator’s Store and Publishing Department

Offering all of Torah Umesorah publications, opportunities for educators to publish their work and the Center’s spectacular ready-made bulletin boards, posters, and books for purchase.