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Ten Tips for a Connected Classroom with Morah Chaya Shapiro

Are there extremely shy children in your class having difficulty making friends or socializing? Are you unsure how to deal with children whom you feel take up all of your attention and keep disrupting the classroom? Do you want to help your students make the right choices and gain independence and confidence? Are you looking to help those lacking behavioral skills? Learn to create a classroom of caring and connection where all of your students will be ready to learn and grow. Join Morah Chaya as she guides you through hands-on practical strategies that you can use in your classroom tomorrow.

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Morah Chaya is a graduate of the Toronto Seminary, where she pursued a bachelor’s degree in humanities. She has over two decades of experience in early childhood education, teaching kindergarten at Torah Academy for Girls in Far Rockaway, as well as mentoring teachers and providing professional development workshops. 




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