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Below are this month's featured holiday items. If you do not see what you are looking for, please check out the rest of our website. We offer an assortment of innovative holiday curricula, interactive bulletin boards and posters, big books, projects, handouts, learning centers and more. Make an appointment with one of our staff members, if you'd like to create something new.


Birthday Cupcakes

Submitted: 12/23/2014

Birthday Bulletin board


Calendar of the Year

Submitted: 05/04/2016

Calendar with Hebrew months, weekly parshiyos, and holidays.


My Best Behavior Chart

Submitted: 12/07/2015

Encourage good classroom behavior and middos with this incentive chart.


Order of the Day

Submitted: 02/23/2017

Help students transition from one activity to the next.

Learn in Style with our Crocodile Classroom Decoration

Learn in Style with our Crocodile Classroom Decoration

Submitted: 05/09/2014

This adorable character-driven classroom decoration is sure to promote your students creativity year round.

What Happened on Shiva Assur B'Tammuz/ Tisha B'Av

What Happened on Shiva Assur B'Tammuz/ Tisha B'Av

Submitted: 05/09/2014

A Summary of historical events that took place on Shiva Assur B'Tammuz and Tisha B'Av.


Happy Hebrew Birthday!

Submitted: 09/27/2016

Graph students’ birthdays by Hebrew months.

Cartooned Shivas Haminim

Cartooned Shivas Haminim

Submitted: 05/09/2014

Shivas Haminim Clipart


Count Up to Yom Tov Sensory Learning Center

Submitted: 05/19/2015

Holiday Counting and Matching Game


Let’s Read About Our Classroom Rules

Submitted: 03/02/2017

Big book teaching classroom rules

The Jewish Counting Book

The Jewish Counting Book

Submitted: 05/09/2014

A colorful book featuring Jewish themed numbers one through ten


Jewish Calendar

Submitted: 03/08/2015

Set of Jewish calendar months signs