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"Every child deserves the best teacher and every teache deserves to be the best"


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"This is every teacher’s dream. I am so impressed with the practical resources and the sensitivities to the needs of our teachers-they need support, collaborative opportunities and a helping hand. Yasher Koach!"

- Frumma Rosenberg-Gottlieb, North Miami, Florida


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"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, is all I can say for all that you did for me this past Tuesday and Wednesday! I had such an enjoyable experience during all the hours I spent by your place. You gave me the attention, professional talent and most of all the extreme time leeway that I really needed, all with a smile and lots of patients! I really appreciate it."

- E. Keller, Bnos Bracha, Lakewood, NJ


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Below is a list of classes we offer multiple times a year. Most of these classes are free of charge and many of these classes are offered in multiple skill levels. Our instructors are available to answer questions and help teachers apply what they’ve learned. Educators are provided with an open environment to develop and grow professionally, as well as network with fellow participating teachers.


Learn a variety of techniques and craft projects to use in conjunction with and to reinforce classroom curriculum.

Demonstrations have included:

  • Foldables (3 dimensional graphic organizers)
  • Metal Embossing
  • Paper Quilling
  • Heat Transfer
  • Origami
  • Parshas Noach in Clay (making clay animals)
  • Trifold Rosh Hashanah Card

BASIC COMPUTING  - Avrohom Gershon

Getting comfortable using the computer.

This class introduces very beginners to computers in a step-by-step and patient way.  You are introduced to the parts of the computer and their purpose. 

Some of the skills learned are:

  • About the operating system, monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • How to start and stop the computer
  • How to start and stop programs
  • How to find and start any program
  • How to save a file and find it at a later date and open it again in various ways
  • How to print a file
  • How to organize files and make folders
  • How to have multiple windows open, and copy and paste from one to another
  • Basic computer vocabulary


Use photos from your camera or Smartphone for newsletters, class photos and handouts.

Digital Photography explains different concepts of photography such as white balance, color balance, remove red eye, avoid red eye, different lighting concerns, posing concerns and composition in regard to your needs.

Some of the skills learned are:

  • Learning the interface and tools.
  • Learn about digital cameras and Smartphone photography
  • Learn file types and pixel resolution and their requirements for different uses
  • How to review and fix up photos in Picasa
  • Make collages for the classroom
  • Create photo effects
  • Surveys different commercial printing options
  • How to extract picture from the camera and phones into the computer
  • Efficient photo organization
  • Detecting faces in photos in order to identify that person in the library of photos
  • Add text
  • Adjust paper backgrounds to match image

EXCEL - Avrohom Gershon

Learn some purposes and techniques (sorting, filtering etc.) in Excel. Learn the interface, to compute, interpret and visualize data (ie. the many charts, graphs, lists etc.)

Create a customized grade book, sort book orders, or keep track of fundraiser data.

Some of the skills learned are:

  • Learn to compute sums, averages, and other more specific formulas
  • Working with columns and rows of numbers
  • Create visually appealing reports, lists, data and grade books
  • Printing spreadsheets
  • Learn many of the automatic capabilities of Excel to help them work more efficiently


Create and manipulate photos for posters, group photos and handouts for the classroom. 

In Beginning Photoshop learn how to navigate throughout the PhotoShop interface, getting comfortable using layers, many of the tools, working with brushes, shapes, etc.

Some of the skills learned are:

  • Learn file types and pixel resolution and their requirements for different uses
  • How to isolate something from a background
  • Using masks
  • Put something from one picture into another
  • Remove and smooth blemishes
  • Incorporating text
  • Using effects
  • Adjusting color and lighting
  • Coloring in black and white images


The SmartBoard is a great way to make classroom lessons interactive and more engaging. Use Smartboard Notebook to teach new material, use as a review, or a test.

This class gets you familiar with the hardware, and software. You’ll learn the interface and practice using all the tools and tabs.

Some of the skills learned are:

  • Typing in Hebrew and English
  • Working with tables
  • Making recordings
  • Animating answers
  • Using layers to hide answers
  • Cloning answers
  • Working with Attachments
  • Linking images and sounds
  • Understanding difference between ink aware and ink layers
  • Using resources in the gallery (including some interactive pages)


Introducing a new way to teach Parsha to the younger grades. This new Parsha/Smartboard curriculum  was created using our well known Parsha images with added sounds and narratives. At the end of the lesson is a sequencing exercise.

This class gets you familiar opening and running pre-created SMARTBoard lessons.

Some of the skills learned are:

  • How to use many of the other Interactive pages to add to the lesson.
  • Working with Hebrew and English text
  • Cutting and pasting Hebrew text from Word into the Interactive fields

WORD - Avrohom Gershon

Learn an essential set of skills to begin to be productive in Microsoft Word.

Word is a great application for creating worksheets, tests, translation or review sheets, lesson plans and parent newsletters or communication. 

Some of the skills learned are:

  • Learn the Word interface including the Ribbon and Tabs and Groups to find functions
  • Work with fonts, coloring text, bold, italics, centering, right or left adjusting, formatting paragraphs
  • Save documents, work with recent documents, print documents
  • Work with text, insert or delete text, select, copy or cut and paste text, find or replace text, format text
  • Work with page layout, orientation, margins, bullets, and lists
  • Insert pictures, clipart or shapes into the document
  • Typing in Hebrew including Nikudos