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Changing States of Matter for Parshas Beshalach

Item Number: CRSHM15-RS040

Date Submitted: 12/07/2015

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In this parshah, the Torah describes the mann falling in the desert. The Jews collected the mann, and whatever remained on the ground was melted by the heat of the sun (Rashi teaches us that the melted mann flowed in a stream from which deer and gazelles drank.) When heat is applied to solid matter, it often causes the solid matter to change form. In the case of the melting mann, it changes from a solid to a liquid. The students will apply the heat of their hands to a sealed bag of chocolate chips and watch solid matter change states.

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Publisher: Walder Education
Founding Director: Mrs. Rouhama Garelick
Adapted By: Rivkie Schecter
Photographed By: Rabbi Avraham Gershon


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Size: 8.5''x11''
Language: English
Language Style: NA
Gender: NA
Color: Color
Grade(s): Pre-2nd
Resource Type(s): Curriculum Materials
Subject(s): Tanach, Torah: Chumash and Parshah, Beshalach, Science




Goals and Objectives: Students will apply heat to solid matter (chocolate chips) and note the change from solid to liquid. They will connect this knowledge to the parshah in which the mann was melted by the heat of the sun.


Contents: 5-8.5''x11''-Color Paper Not Laminated
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Page Scaling: None (Do not fit to printable area.)
Notes: Some cutting and assembly may be required.
Laminated items will require trimming.
Items larger than 11x17 inches may require a large format printer.


  • Zipper lock sandwhich bag
  • Chocolate chips
  • Freezer
  • Pencil
  • Attached worksheet
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