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Pearl Ex Paint Menorah

Item Number: PRCHK19-SH134

Date Submitted: 11/19/2019

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Have your students create their very own Pearl Ex glass menorah while reviewing the qualities of a kosher menorah, the halachos of lighting the menorah, and learning the Pearl Ex painting technique. Their beautiful menorahs will add beauty and splendor to the menorah lighting each night and become a keepsake for years to come.

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Publisher: Walder Education
Founding Director: Mrs. Rouhama Garelick
Created: Shavy Hass
Coordinator: Sara Freida Imbo




Size: 8.5"x11"
Language: N/A
Language Style: N/A
Gender: N/A
Color: N/A
Grade(s): 5th-8th
Resource Type(s): Project
Subject(s): Holidays and Shabbos, Chanukah




Goals and Objectives: Students will demonstrate the halachos of lighting the menorah such as candle height, candle spacing and direction of lighting.
Skills Needed: Focus on task, eye-hand coordination, and a feeling of competence.
Skills Developed: Students will develop dexterity of hand skills and strengthen key skills such as bilateral coordination and tactile awareness.


  • Glass Tile (11.5”x3”)
  • (10) Glass Vials
  • Pearl Ex in different colors (Amazon)
  • Small Paint Brush
  • (10) Small Plates
  • School Glue
  • (10) Plastic Knife
  • E6000 Glue
  • Strung Faux Pearls (or any strung beads for embellishment)
  • (9) Pennies
  • (9) Silver Nuts (3/8”)
  • Name Labels (last page, attached)
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