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Parshas Shemos Interactive Smartboard Lesson Enlarge View
Parshas Shemos Interactive Smartboard Lesson

Parshas Shemos Interactive Smartboard Lesson

Item Number: SBSHM13-TM001

Date Submitted: 05/09/2014

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"Parshah is going digital with our New Parshah Curriculum. Like our basic Parshah curriculum, these new interactive SMART Board lessons contain beautifully illustrated pictures depicting main events/mitzvos in each week's parshah and the hebrew pesukim they represent. They also include activities such as voice-overs that give a summary of the picture in English, sound effects that bring the concept to life, and an auto-correcting sequencing activity concludes each lesson. These activities done in the classroom will serve to enhance understanding and recall of major events and themes of the Parshah. "

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Publisher: Walder Education
Founding Director: Mrs. Rouhama Garelick
Concept: Leorah Schick
Editor: Zvi Kamenetzky, Rabbi Benyomin Walters
Coordinator: Lebee Kroll
Illustration: David Sokoloff
Layout: Tracy Miller
Color: Tzivia Zimmerman, Eliana Weingarten


Size: 8.5x11
Language: Hebrew and English
Language Style: Ashkenaz
Gender: N/A
Color: Color
Grade(s): Preschool-2nd Grade
3rd-5th Grade
Resource Type(s): Curriculum Materials, Smartboard
Subject(s): Shemos
Goals and Objectives: The student will be able to retell and understand the story and main themes of the Parshah. The student will identify different parts of the picture, name people and events depicted in the scene, and, by sequencing the pictures in the correct order, the student will be develop ordering and organizational skills that will have a direct positive impact on his learning abilities.
Skills Developed: Visual discrimination, recall, sequencing, goal setting, and decision making
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