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Lag Baomer Bonfire Light

Item Number: PRLAG19-SH129

Date Submitted: 05/15/2019

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It’s a custom to light bonfires on Lag BaOmer to commemorate the great light that Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai brought into the world through his spiritual teachings. Students will be able to have their own hadlakah (bonfire) with this creative and real-looking fire.

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Publisher: Walder Education
Director: Mrs. Rouhama Garelick
Created: Shavy Hass
Coordinator: Sara Freida Imbo




Size: 8.5"x11"
Language: N/A
Language Style: N/A
Gender: N/A
Color: N/A
Grade(s): Pre-2nd
Resource Type(s): Project
Subject(s): Holidays and Shabbos, Lag Baomer




Goals and Objectives: Students will create their very own (faux) bonfires as they gain an understanding of this iconic symbol for Lag Baomer. They will learn that we light bonfires in commemoration of the eternal light of Torah that Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai brought into the world with his teachings.
Skills Needed: Students will need to be able to measure inches on a ruler. Students will need hand dexterity to be able to cut through cardboard. They will need fine motor skills for painting and gluing. They will need eye-hand coordination to place small items in small areas. 
Skills Developed: Students will create artwork that is meaningful and will developgoal-setting behaviors, creativity, planning behavior, problem-solving skills,hand dexterity,eye-hand coordination, visual perceptual and processing skills, visual - spatialskills,cutting skills, an ability to focus on details and follow instructions, perseverance, feelings of competence, and pride in their work


  • 5”x5” Cardboard
  • Twigs (collected from outside)
  • Paint (We used yellow, orange and red.)
  • Electric Tea Light (Dollar Tree)
  • Fake Green Grass (Dollar Tree)
  • Tacky Glue
  • Paint Brush
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Name Cards (last page)
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