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Item Number: GACHK15-JF240

Date Submitted: 11/19/2015

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Young children will have great fun playing this simple board game that will reinforce their knowledge of Chanukah related objects.

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Publisher: Walder Education
Founding Director: Mrs. Rouhama Garelick
Illustrations: David Sokoloff and Jeffrey Roth
Design: Jenny Friedman




Size: 11''x17''
Language: English
Language Style: NA
Gender: NA
Color: Color
Grade(s): Pre-2nd
Resource Type(s): Games
Subject(s): Holidays and Shabbos, Chanukah




Goals and Objectives: Students will reinforce their familiarity with the common objects used on Chanukah.
Skills Needed: Students will need to be able to follow simple directions.
Skills Developed: Students will develop their fine motor skills (ability to grasps cubes or blocks with fingers), ability to follow simple rules in a game, eye-hand coordination, directionality, ability to take turns and play negotiations -understand the idea of waiting for someone else to go first, and engages in play with others.




Contents: 2-11''x17''-Color Cardstock, Gloss Laminated
(To view page sizes in PDF, hover over the bottom left corner of the page.)
Page Scaling: None (Do not fit to printable area.)
Notes: Some cutting and assembly may be required.
Laminated items will require trimming.
Items larger than 11x17 inches may require a large format printer.


  • Chanukahland Game Board, included.
  • Any 2.25” x 2.25” foam dice or block. 
  • Pictures of Chanukah objects to glue on dice, included.
  • Game pieces, one for each student playing.
  • Heavy duty double stick tape.
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